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We are committed to sponsoring a variety of community activities that will enable and inspire the youth to attain high ethical, educational, moral, and social standards.  Students receive life skills support, academic assistance, test-taking procedures, study skills, tutoring, cultural enrichment, and socialization training.  

Our Xinos group consists of female high school students in grades  9 through 12.  We mentor these young women and guide them in gaining access to higher education, scholarship, etiquette, financial literacy, technological security, peer mediation, and camaraderiness, to name a few.  We expose our young ladies to culturally conscious material that helps them to understand the rich fullness of being a proud African American female. We have high expectations for our young ladies and they never fail to adhere to our high standards. 

Our Xinos are competitive too. Iota Chapter Xinos have many times, won the talent portion of the regional conventions.  

Our Kudos group is a guidance group as well for young men in grades 9 through 12.  What we do with our male youth group is to guide their development towards becoming responsible men of high moral, academic, and social characteristics.  We seek to provide these high school students with cultural experiences, mentors, and positive role models who can lend structure and support in their transitions to manhood.  We encourage active participation in positive civic activities, to engage in positive male interactions through social and cultural activities. We do all this to help our young men become the highly educated, well-rounded, civic, cultural, and social justice leading men. 

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